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The blueBOX series consists of high quality rotary mouldedpolyethylene tanks for collecting white and black wastewater.The 60, 90, 150 and 250 litre models are equipped to housean electric pump, and are ideal for small domestic installations.The 400 litre model is intended for medium capacity applicationsand is designed for use with two electric pumps.The tanks’ special shape is inspired by Pininfarina’s designfor the blue Series of submersible pumps. Their constructioncharacteristics and wide range of accessories makeblueBOX systems extremely versatile and easy to install. Blue Pro ranges.


Operation and Use:

The collection tank collects the domestic waste water coming from discharges of any kind and any rainwater or infiltration water traps. The pump installed inside the tank allows the water to be sent to the sewer. The cover and the connections for passing the pipes have gaskets to guarantee a perfect seal. BlueBOX is prepared for collection to the input, output and ventilation pipes on every side, enabling an optimal use even in small spaces.

Inside a grinding pump can be installed capable of chopping the extraneous bodies contained in the wastewater and sending them a
considerable distance. In this way the liquid can also be made to pass through small diameter pipes, permitting a significant financial
savings on the total cost of the installation.


Technical Features:

• 60, 90 and 150 litres version for one pump directly installed;
• 250 litre version for one pump and 400 litre version for two
pumps with coupling device or directly installed;
• Walk-over cover;
• O-ring seal between tank and cover;
• Simplified inlet, outlet and air venting pipe connections with seal;
• Integral lifting handles;
• Emergency drainage fitting located low down in the unit;
• Patented airtight cable gland allowing easy pump removal for
any maintenance work;
• The side fins, in the middle of the tank, guarantee an excellent
grip if the unit is installed in-floor (refer to relevant manual).


Download Product Brochure


Download Installation Manual


12 Month Zenit Warranty


PriceFrom $1,144.00
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