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Owner and Founder: Clint Walker  
Industry: Water Solutions  
Established: 2021  
Location: Auckland, New Zealand  
Website: Manaia Water Products NZ

Business Premises:  
Manaia Water Products NZ operates from a home-based office in Mangere, Auckland, leveraging a robust wholesaler network that allows for direct stock access to customers. This setup ensures efficient logistics and quick response times, underpinning the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and timely service.


About the Company:  
Founded by Clint Walker, Manaia Water Products NZ is a 100% NZ-owned and operated e-commerce enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality water pumps and filtration systems. Clint’s extensive industry experience, spanning over a decade, guarantees a profound understanding of both product and customer needs, particularly in a dynamic market.


Product Range: 
The company offers a wide range of products, including domestic and household pumps, drainage and submersible pumps, rainwater harvesting systems, farm and irrigation solutions, borehole and solar pumps, and commercial and industrial pumps. Their filtration systems include options such as filter cartridges, underbench, benchtop, reverse osmosis, UV filtration, and water softeners.


Mission and Values:  
Manaia Water Products NZ aims to be a leading provider of water solutions in New Zealand, emphasizing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The company’s foundation on Maori cultural values drives its efforts to balance and protect community well-being and the environment.


Community Involvement: 
Active participation in local environmental protection initiatives highlights the company’s dedication to sustainability and responsible business conduct. This community engagement is a core aspect of their operational philosophy.


Future Outlook:
Manaia Water Products NZ is focused on expanding its product range and enhancing the online customer experience to increase its market presence. The company aims to maintain its trajectory of growth, exploring potential opportunities in international markets while continuing to provide reliable and efficient water solutions.

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