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The Zenit DGLUEP200 Vortex submersible pump is ideal for waste-water including dewatering/drainage applications.


  • The unit is detailed as a vortex pump. This means the pump impeller is seated higher in the volute chamber & allows for bigger particle sizes up to 50mm in diameter to pass through the system.


  • The unit is operated via a float switch. The float sits on top of the liquid surface & acts as a switch to turn the pump on & off. When the liquid level rises the float rises with it and starts the pump, when the liquid level drains down the float switch lowers with it & shuts the pump off. 


  • The unit is single-phase 240V, generates 1.5kw (P2), 2.0hp with max head 15.3m & max flow-rate 690lpm. The optimum operating head is between 3 - 14m with a flow rate between 100 - 650lpm. Running the pump too close to either end of the scale may cause issues.


  • The pump has a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty - This covers manufacturing & faulty workmanship defects only. Should the pump fail prematurely and isn't directly related to either of the defects mentioned, the warranty may be void. Our recommendation would be to seek advice from the experts at Manaia Water Products NZ first, before purchasing any of our products.


SKU: 711187
  • Product Type Submersible Pump
    Brand Zenit Pumps
    Suitable For Dirty Water
    Flow Rate (L/min) 690 L/min
    Float Float Included
    Hp 2.0 Hp
    Kilo Watts 1.5 kW
    Head (max) 15.3 m
    Port Size Outlet 2" BSPF outlet
    Particle Size 50 mm
    Volts 240 V
    Warranty (months) 24 Months
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