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A high quality under bench filter kit including a stylish drinking water tap and all  parts required for installation, includes NSF-approved, 5 micron carbon block, rated for sediment & chlorine thus removing funny tastes and odour.


If you want to drink cleaner water from town supply, then this is the unit for you.


Ideal for domestic applications i.e. kitchens,  caravans, boats and can even be installed in commercial applications.         



Italian made, for superior construction, the Atlas Filtri Inline Underbench Filter is a high quality complete system designed to be installed under the kitchen bench to provide improved quality drinking water.


Included in the kit:


  • Dedicated stylish drinking water tap
  • Filter Housing
  • Spanner
  • Quick fit connections
  • Mounting clips & screws
  • Hose
  • Inlet Valve


Simple and easy to install.


The carbon block filter will need to be changed once every six months or when a change in water taste is noticed. 


12 month warranty on parts only and does not include carbon block.


SKU: 807591
  • Product Type Inline Underbench Filter
    Brand Atlas Filtri
    Material Reinforced Polypropylene
    Inlet/Outlet 1/4"
    Max Pressure (bar) 8
    Application Underbench
    Filter Inline


    Working Conditions
    Max Working Pressure 8bar (116 psi)
    Max Working Temperature 45�C (113�F)
    Min Working Temperature 4�C (39.2�F)
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