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🌊 Behold the DAB ESYBOX: The Water Pressure Wizard Your Home Deserves!

Are you tired of water pressure in your home behaving more unpredictably than your teenager's mood swings? Fear not, for the DAB ESYBOX is here to transform your trickle into a torrent and your drizzle into a downpour, all with the finesse of a water maestro.

🔮 Magical Pressure Control: With the DAB ESYBOX, you're not just getting a water pressure booster; you're getting a domestic deity. This system uses an inverter to keep your water pressure as constant as the Northern Star, ensuring that when you demand water, it's there - with the exact pressure you whispered to it in your dreams.

🌐 Energy Efficiency Extraordinaire: The ESYBOX isn't just powerful; it's also as wise as it is frugal. It adjusts its energy consumption to your needs, ensuring that you save on your bills without sacrificing performance. It's like having an environmentally friendly genie at your beck and call.

🎛️ Silent but Deadly: And by deadly, we mean to water pressure woes. The ESYBOX operates with the stealth of a cat, ensuring that the only sound you'll hear is the water flowing smoothly from your taps - not the mechanical cacophony of lesser pumps.

🔄 Technical Triumphs: With the ability to serve everything from your quaint suburban home to a high-rise empire, the ESYBOX can be installed in groups of up to four pumps, guaranteeing that water pressure is the least of your worries, whether you're gardening, showering, or filling your moat.

📱 Smart and Handsome: Not only does it perform like a champion, but it also connects to DAB's cloud service, allowing for easy monitoring and maintenance. And with its sleek design, the ESYBOX is as easy on the eyes as it is on your water pressure problems.


Why Choose the DAB ESYBOX? Because life's too short for weak showers and dribbling taps. Elevate your water experience with the DAB ESYBOX, where technology, efficiency, and silence meet to give you the water pressure of your dreams. Say goodbye to water woes and hello to the future of home water management. It's not just a booster; it's your home's new best friend


Here are some key features and details about the DAB E.sybox:

Variable Speed Drive: The E.sybox is equipped with a variable speed drive (inverter) that allows it to adjust the speed of the pump's motor based on the water demand. This feature helps maintain a stable and constant water pressure while reducing energy consumption.

Compact Design: The E.sybox is known for its compact and space-saving design. It can be installed in tight spaces and is often used in applications where space is limited.

Quiet Operation: This pump system is designed to operate quietly, making it suitable for residential use without causing disruptive noise.

Energy Efficiency: The variable speed drive helps optimize energy consumption by running the pump at the necessary speed to meet the water demand, resulting in energy savings.

Built-in Control Panel: The E.sybox comes with a built-in control panel that allows users to monitor and control the pump's operation, including adjusting pressure settings and diagnosing potential issues.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: The pump is designed for easy installation and maintenance, making it user-friendly for homeowners and professionals alike.

Application Versatility: The DAB E.sybox is suitable for a variety of applications, including residential water supply, irrigation, and small commercial buildings.


Special Features:

✅️Energy efficient

✅️It can be installed in vertical or horizontal position, in a ventilated room, or in a recess

✅️Quiet operation - 45 dB in standard use

✅️Saves 30% of space in comparison with a traditional system

✅️Easy maintenance

✅️Wireless device to facilitate the creation of pressure booster sets and for connection to other devices

2 Year DAB Pumps Warranty


Download Information Data Sheets


Download Spare Parts Information


Download Operation & Install Manual V1


Download Operation & Install Manual V2


Download Service Notice V1


Download Service Notice V2


SKU: 800621
$3,703.00 Regular Price
$3,147.55Sale Price
  • Technical Specification

    Product Type Pressure System
    Brand DAB Pumps
    Suitable For Clean Water
    Bar 6.1 Bar
    Approval Approved For Drinking Water
    Flow Range Category b. 100 - 199 L/min
    Flow Rate (L/min) 120 L/min
    Hp 2.1 Hp
    kPa 618 kPa
    Kilo Watts 1.55 kW
    Head Range Category c. 60 - 99 m
    Head (max) 61 m
    Port Size Inlet 1" BSPF inlet
    Port Size Outlet 1" BSPF outlet
    Powered Electric
    Taps 12 Taps
    Volts 240 V
    Warranty (months) 24 Months
    Watts 1550 W
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