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Product Description:

🌟 Introducing the Marvel of Engineering: The Bianco B120GS2 Submersible Pump Series!

Ever dreamt of a device so powerful yet so refined it could handle your most challenging wastewater-related issues with the grace of a ballerina and the strength of a bodybuilder? Say hello to your dream come true: the Bianco B120GS2 submersible pump, where premium technology meets unparalleled efficiency.


💪 Power Unleashed: With a robust 1.5 kW motor, this beast doesn't just pump wastewater; it commands it. It's capable of handling up to 341 liters per minute. That's right, 341 liters. Imagine emptying your entire swimming pool in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.


🔄 A Grinding Sensation: Equipped with a cutting-edge grinder mechanism, the Bianco B120GS2 tackles soft solids with the ease of a hot knife through butter. This means it's not just pumping water; it's ensuring that what gets pumped is as fluid as possible, avoiding blockages and ensuring a smooth operation.


🛠️ Built Like a Fortress: Featuring a high-grade stainless steel shaft and a top-tier cutting device, this pump is not just built to last; it's built to conquer. Whether you're dealing with sewage, wastewater, or stormwater, the B120GS2 stands ready to face the challenge head-on.


🚀 Lift Off: Achieve new heights with a maximum lift of up to 20 meters. Whether you're draining a deep sump or transferring up a slope, the B120GS2 has the muscle to elevate your water management to the next level.


🏆 Technical Triumphs: With a weight of approximately 20 kilograms, it's both mighty and maneuverable. Its design ensures it can be installed in even the most cramped of spaces, providing powerful pumping action exactly where you need it.


In Summary: The Bianco B120GS2 isn't just a submersible pump. It's a guardian against the floods, a warrior against waste, and a champion of clean, efficient water management. If you're ready to upgrade your water management system with a blend of brute strength, cutting-edge technology, and sleek design, the B120GS2 is the choice for you. Join the revolution and experience the dry side of life, thanks to the wonders of modern pumping technology!


Key Features:

Cast Iron Grinder and Cutter:

The industrial-grade grinder pump features a robust cast iron construction and cutting mechanism. It's engineered for wastewater applications, effectively grinding various materials for transport to sewer mains or treatment facilities.


Impressive Performance:

This pump can lift water up to 20 meters and pump water at a rate of up to 341 liters per minute.

It incorporates a high-grade cutting device, a stainless steel shaft (7CR17), and a replaceable grinding device, all constructed from high-chromium-hardened stainless steel.


The dual ceramic/graphite mechanical seal ensures durability and reliability.


Equipped with an H07RNF neoprene power cable that is chemical and oil resistant.



✅️Grey and Black Water Pumping

✅️Sump Emptying

✅️Septic Effluent and Sewage Disposal

✅️Pumping of Wastewater with Soft Solids in Suspension


Choose the Bianco Grinder Pump for efficient and dependable handling of your wastewater needs.


Download BIA B120G series Data Sheet


Download Operation & Installation Manual




Unit is available in 3 options:


✅️BIA-B120GS2 - supplied with float for automatic operation.

✅️BIA-B120GMS2 - supplied without float for manual operation.

✅️BIA-B120TMS2 - 415V version supplied without float for manual operation.


Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with the 2-Year Bianco Pumpz Warranty.


PriceFrom $1,007.20
  • Product Type Sewage Pump
    Brand Bianco Pumpz
    Suitable For Sewage and Wastewater
    Bar 2.0 Bar
    Flow Range Category d. 300 - 399 L/min
    Flow Rate (L/min) 341 L/min
    Float Float & Non-Floated
    Hp 2.2 Hp
    kPa 200 kPa
    Kilo Watts 1.5 kW
    Head Range Category a. 0 - 39 m
    Head (max) 20 m
    Port Size Outlet 2" BSPF outlet
    Powered Electric
    Volts 240V & 415V
    Warranty (months) 24 Months
    Watts 1500 W
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