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Product Description:


Bianco Macerator Sewage Pumps

The Bianco Grinder Pump is specifically designed for efficiently handling sewage and wastewater containing soft solids in suspension. It excels at grinding these materials into a slurry for smooth pumping.



  • Power: 1.5kW (2.2hp)
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Maximum Head (lift height): 20 meters
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 341 liters per minute
  • Outlet Size: 2" BSPF


Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with the 2-Year Bianco Pumpz Warranty.


Key Features:

  • Cast Iron Grinder and Cutter:

    • The industrial-grade grinder pump features a robust cast iron construction and cutting mechanism. It's engineered for wastewater applications, effectively grinding various materials for transport to sewer mains or treatment facilities.
  • Impressive Performance:

    • This pump can lift water up to 20 meters and pump water at a rate of up to 341 liters per minute.
    • It incorporates a high-grade cutting device, a stainless steel shaft (7CR17), and a replaceable grinding device, all constructed from high-chromium-hardened stainless steel.
    • The dual ceramic/graphite mechanical seal ensures durability and reliability.
    • Equipped with an H07RNF neoprene power cable that is chemical and oil resistant.



  • Grey and Black Water Pumping
  • Sump Emptying
  • Septic Effluent and Sewage Disposal
  • Pumping of Wastewater with Soft Solids in Suspension


Choose the Bianco Grinder Pump for efficient and dependable handling of your wastewater needs.


Download BIA B120G series Data Sheet


Download Operation & Installation Manual




Unit is available in 3 options:


BIA-B120GS2 - supplied with float for automatic operation.

BIA-B120GMS2 - supplied without float for manual operation.

BIA-B120TMS2 - 415V version supplied without float for manual operation.  


BIA B120GS2 - Available ex stock


BIA B120GMS2 & BIA B120TMS2 - Available ex Supplier ETA 14-21 days 



PriceFrom $1,259.25