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  1. Discover the realm of Bianco Pumpz Pressure Tanks, where cutting-edge engineering and superior performance converge in water management systems. Renowned for their reliability and excellence, Bianco Pumpz stands as a trusted leader in the field, offering an extensive selection of pressure tanks tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial use.


Engineered for optimal water pressure, system stability, and continuous flow for a multitude of tasks, Bianco Pumpz Pressure Tanks are meticulously designed with a focus on durability. Constructed from high-quality materials, these tanks are built to last, offering resistance against corrosion and ensuring top-notch performance under challenging conditions.


How They Work:

  • Pressure Storage: Bianco Pressure Tanks store water under pressure.
  • When a tap/outlet is opened, the pressure in the tank forces the water through, maintaining a steady flow without the need for the pump to turn on immediately.
  • Pump Cycling: They reduce the cycling of the pump. By storing pressurized water, the tank minimizes the number of times the pump needs to turn on and off, reducing wear and extending its life.
  • Energy Efficiency: The stored pressure means that the pump doesn't need to work as hard or as often, which can lead to energy savings.
  • Water Hammer: The tank acts as a buffer to absorb shocks in the system, such as those caused by sudden valve closure, preventing water hammer and potential damage to the system.


Features of Bianco Pressure Tanks:

  • Materials: They are constructed with a corrosion-resistant coating and stainless steel connections for durability and a long service life.
  • Food-Grade Diaphragm: They come equipped with a food-grade diaphragm, making them suitable for drinking water systems.
  • Pre-Charged: Tanks are pre-charged with nitrogen at 4bar pre-charge pressure, facilitating easy integration into the water system.
  • UV Protection: An almond-colored UV resistant epoxy coating protects the tank from the elements.
  • Certifications: These tanks comply with AS/NZ 4020 standards for drinking water.
  • Guarantee: 5-year tank replacement guarantee.


These features contribute to the tanks' ability to provide stable water pressure and the efficient operation of water supply systems in various applications such as irrigation, household water supply, HVAC systems, and more. Always refer to the specific model's data sheet for detailed information on the features and specifications.


PriceFrom $79.35
  • Technical Specifications:

    Size (L) Outlet Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
    3 1" 140 220 1
    8 1"  203 304 1.9
    18 1"  279 375 3.4
    24 1"  290 415 3.6
    60 1"  390 592 9.4
    80 1"  390 770 12.7
    100 1"  430 765 13.7
    160 1-1/4" 550 925 23.9
    200 1-1/4" 550 1060 26.9
    300 1-1/4" 550 1457 39.9
    450 1-1/4 650 1410 56.9


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