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Assembled Whole House Filter System for Tank water supply.

Made up of 2 x 10BWH with Stainless Steel Bracket, Ball  Valve , and Spanner.

Cartridges: 10BDGD & 10BRFGAC


10BDGD - Pentair 10" Big Dual Gradient Density Cartridge 25µ-1µ (10" x 4½") Pentair® Pentek® DGD Series Cartridges are manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene.DGD Series Cartridges are designed for purity and will not impart taste, odour or colour to the liquid being filtered. Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.Pentek DGD Series Filters' advanced design combines selective final filtration with appropriate pre-filtration to achieve up to three times the dirt holding capacity of similar size sediment cartridges and even greater capacity than standard spun or string-wound cartridges. The larger diameter of the filter reduces the particle load, allowing it to operate at higher velocities. The effective filter depth is increased to a full 233%. This increased depth provides very high particulate reduction efficiency and added loading capacity


10BRFGAC - 10" Big Radial Flow Carbon (10" x 4½") Cartridge - Pentair® Pentek® RFC Series Cartridges’ unique radial flow design offers the benefits of granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, such as low pressure drop, while at the same time significantly reducing the release of carbon fines commonly associated with GAC-style cartridges.

These filters are constructed with a 70-micron porous polyethylene outer shell and durable polypropylene end caps.   The 2-3⁄4" outer diameter cartridges have a polypropylene core and the 4-1⁄2" outer diameter cartridges incorporate a spun polypropylene core.  Sandwiched between the outer shell and the core is a bed of granular activated carbon (GAC).

Pentek RFC Series Cartridges are ideal for point-of-entry (POE) and other high flow rate applications.


12 month warranty on filtration unit - Cartridges not included.


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