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Product Description:

The DAB DIVERTRON 900A is a high-performance submersible multi-impeller pump, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various water management tasks. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, this versatile pump is perfect for increasing water pressure, rainwater harvesting, garden irrigation, and deep well water extraction.


Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: With a robust motor and advanced impeller design, the DIVERTRON 900A delivers an impressive flow rate of up to 5.4 m³/h and a maximum head of 45 meters, ensuring efficient water transfer and pressure boosting.
  • Durable Construction: Built from corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation materials, including a technopolymer impeller, this pump is designed to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Automatic Operation: The integrated electronic control system features a pressure switch and a flow sensor, enabling automatic start and stop functions. This ensures seamless operation, energy efficiency, and protection against dry running.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with a 15-meter power cable and a plug, the DIVERTRON 900A is designed for straightforward installation in both fixed and portable setups. Its compact design allows for vertical installation in wells, tanks, cisterns, and ponds.
  • Safety Features: The pump includes a built-in non-return valve and dry-run protection to prevent damage and ensure safe, reliable operation.


Technical Specifications:

  • Model: DAB DIVERTRON 900A
  • Power Supply: 230V
  • Power Consumption: 0.92 kW
  • Max Flow Rate: 80 l/min
  • Max Head: 44.5 meters
  • Cable Length: 15 meters
  • Max Immersion Depth: 15 meters
  • Protection Rating: IP68



  • Rainwater Harvesting: Efficiently collects and distributes rainwater for various uses.
  • Garden Irrigation: Ideal for watering gardens, lawns, and landscapes.
  • Deep Well Water Extraction: Suitable for extracting water from deep wells and boreholes.
  • Water Pressure Boosting: Enhances water pressure in residential and commercial water systems.
  • Cistern and Tank Management: Perfect for managing water levels in tanks and cisterns.


Why Choose the DAB DIVERTRON 900A?

The DAB DIVERTRON 900A stands out for its superior performance, reliability, and ease of use. Its advanced features, such as automatic control and dry-run protection, ensure that your water management needs are met efficiently and safely. Whether you need to boost water pressure, irrigate your garden, or manage a rainwater harvesting system, the DIVERTRON 900A is the ultimate solution.


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24 month warranty


Download product datasheet:

DAB DVERTRON900A datasheet 


Download operation and installation manual:

Operation and install manual V.1 

Quick guide operation and install manual V.1 



SKU: 811112
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