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Product Description for BIA-LSC530 Puddle Sucker Pump


The Bianco BIA-LSC530 Puddle Sucker Pump is a manually operated, light-duty pump designed for occasional use. It is ideal for pumping mostly clean water with minimal soft solids or other contaminants. This pump is particularly suited for applications such as basement, garage, or pool drainage.


Key Features:
- High Efficiency: The pump can handle a maximum flow rate of 170 liters per minute (L/min) and can achieve a maximum head of 11 meters.
- Low Suction Depth: Once primed, the BIA-LSC530 can pump down to depths less than 3mm, making it perfect for puddle situations where complete drainage is necessary.
- Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the pump features an industrial-grade coating for enhanced reliability and longevity.
- Ease of Use: It is lightweight (13.5 kg) and compact, allowing for easy lifting, lowering, and installation even in tight sump spaces. Additionally, the pump can be primed through the discharge outlet at any water level, thanks to its internal check valve that maintains the prime and prevents backflow when the pump is stopped.
- Safety and Protection: The pump includes a built-in auto-resetting thermal overload protector to safeguard against overheating.


Technical Specifications:
- Power: 0.53 kW (530W), 240V, single phase
- Flow Rates: 
  - 50 L/min at 9 meters
  - 100 L/min at 8 meters
  - 150 L/min at 5 meters
- Max. Head: 11 meters
- Working Temperature: Less than 40°C
- Liquid Temperature: 3°C to 40°C
- Max. Immersion Depth: 10 meters
- Particle Diameter: Less than 2mm
- Motor Shaft: Stainless steel 201
- Power Cable: 10m H07RN-F neoprene


The Bianco BIA-LSC530 is versatile and can be used in various settings, including:
- Basements: Effective for preventing water accumulation in low-lying areas.
- Garages: Ideal for drainage after cleaning or rainwater seepage.
- Pools: Suitable for emptying water for maintenance or cleaning.


This pump comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable performance.


Download datasheet:

BIA-LSC530 datasheet


Download operation and installation instructions:

BIA-LSC530 operation and install manual


SKU: 810677
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