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3,500 litres

Width 2.0m  Height: 1.3 metres Outlet(s): 1 x 50mm (2 inch) brass BSPT fitting

  • Full 20 Year Warranty (not a pro-rata)
  • Bury up to 500mm deep with clean backfill.
  • Super tough dome � with space frame substructure
  • 11 colours


Note: There is a 4 -5 week lead time from the time your order is placed to scheduled delivery. Please ensure that there is someone available to accept delivery or you provide clear delivery instructions.


  • Code: TT03S
    Empty weight: 75kg
    Specifi c gravity � max: 1.0
    Max working temperature: 30�C
    Raw material type: Medium density polyethylene
    Raw material standards: AS/NZS 2070 � Food Contact requirements
    AS/NZS4020:2005 � Potable drinking water
    AS/NZS4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water
    Complying water tank standard: AS/NZS4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water
    Manhole opening size: 383mm (located at 6 o�clock)
    Diameter: 2m
    Overall height: 1.3m
    Overfl ow height: 1.2m
    Overfl ow panels: 3 off (5, 7 & 12 o�clock)
    Height to dome part line: 1.05m
    Outlet size: 50mm BSPT (1 off)
    Outlet � base to centre line: 115mm
    Maximum no. of moulded in outlets: 1
    Outlet location(s) � standard: 7 o�clock
    Other available locations � non standard: n/a
    Lifting eyes: 2 off (3 & 9 o�clock)