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Working in our local Community

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Kaitiakitanga starts at home…

So, today we went down to a stream in Mangere that runs down behind the Manukau Magpies Rugby League grounds, through toward Elmdon Road and out toward the Manukau Harbour.

The name of the stream is called Tararata. Our mission was to volunteer & assist with cleaning up of the waterway by picking up rubbish, stak

ing of native trees and also tidying up some of the mess left behind by vandals.

I remember playing here when I was little and trying to catch Tuna. This was when the water was alot cleaner than it is now.

A big mihi goes out to the Tararata Stream Team for leading the way and educating our rangatahi which included myself whilst giving a overall understanding of the processes and the hard work required to keep up with sustaining the waterway.

Many native plants have been planted throughout the stream’s embankments, quality checks on the water, and the creation a habitat for fish to thrive are some real cool objectives… A big shout out to Pragna Patel & my old school teacher Julia Tui’neau for showing me some awesome things along the way.

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